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Upcoming Performances

Voices Concerts

A Celestial Christmas

December 17th, 8:00 pm at The Carolina Theatre of Durham

Better is Peace

May 6th, 8:00 pm at UNC's Memorial Hall

Cantari Concerts

1685 was a very good year! Bach and Handel

November 6th, 4:00 pm at University United Methodist Church/ Chapel Hill

Music by Dan Locklair

March 4th, 3:00 pm at Chapel Of The Cross/ Chapel Hill

By Special Request!

May 22th, 7:30 pm at Church of the Holy Infant

Summer Program 2015

In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves                  Henry Purcell

Five Hebrew Love Songs                                       Eric Whitacre

1. Temuna (Picture)

2. Kala Kalla  (Light Bride)

3. Larov (Mostly)

4. Eyze Shelleg (What Snow!)

5. Rakut (Tenderness)

Kiss Me Softly                                                         Luke Mayernik

In My Life                                                                Lennon & McCartney/arr. Jasperse

Love                                                                         Chris Tomlink Jesse Reeves, et. Al

You’ve Got A Friend                                              Carole King/ Billingsley

Sue Loves Butter                                                    Elizabeth Alexander

Dogs                                                                         Kirby Shaw

Fiddle-i-fee                                                              John Purifoy

Bridge Over Troubled Water                               Paul Simon/ Shaw

Friendship                                                              Cole Porter/arr. Greg Gilpin

You’ve Got a Friend in Me                                    Randy Newman/arr. Mac Huff
(from Toy Story)

Loves Me Like A Rock                                           Paul Simon/ Greg Gilpin